Sister Act

In business it has been said not to do business with friends, or family. At Bodhi Swag we march to the beat of our own drum because the company is a sister act. Roughly two years ago I said yes, to my best-friend and big sister Laura Kavanaugh when she proposed that I join her in creating something – and that something became Bodhi Swag. Today each of our roles are pivotal to the growth of the company, regardless our operations are based on the leadership that has been established since 1980, which is Bossy Pants will lead the way and Lil Sis will follow. Cheers to sisterhood. 

The Bodhi Swag Muse

In Greek mythology muses are goddesses who inspire the creation of art. The Bodhi Swag muse does just that, as well as inspires a lifestyle that is in tune with nature, one's body, and inner conscious. Under the round moon she skinny dips in the ocean and in the warmth of the sunlight she becomes even more vibrant. She's a woman with the eternal smile of a girl. She lives in the moment and provokes us to do the same. 

From top right; Allison Holloway, Stephanie Reese, Patricia Lindberg, Dusty Dayne